Amazona Chalk Paint, 100% Eco

For a beautiful natural ambiance in your interior design.

Amazona Chalk Paint is a unique  top-quality eco paint with an ultra-matt finish, the colours are both inspiring and soothing. Rich and natural colours to create a healthy environment.

This mineral based paint will create a comfortable and pleasurable living environment. Amazona Chalk Paint is based on the philosophy of "Healing environment", where colour and materials are a direct influence on your sub consciousness thus creating a more comfortable living environment.

Only traditional methods are used in the Netherlands to create Amazona Chalk Paint. Our chalk paint only contains high-quality materials, our products are entirely free of volatile organic compounds or other toxic ingredients, it's 100% natural.

Amazona Chalk Paint is available in 20 colours, in 0.75 and 4 lt-containers. The containers are made of recycled plastic.

You can easily apply the paint with a brush or roller, it has great covering power. Amazona Chalk Paint can be applied directly to walls or wallpaper and  raw interior wood.

For use on furniture, we advise to first cleanse the surface with Amazona Ecoclean before applying Amazona Chalk Paint and if needed finish with clear Amazona Quality Wax or Amazona Ecofinish.


Amazona Limingwax and Colourwax

Amazona Limingwax and Colourwax creates a weathered and rustic look to wood and gives you the opportunity to bring natural and  organic elements into your interior.

The Limingwax gives a bleached effect by using white pigments, Amazona Colourwax is used to deepen the grain, to create more jaded colours to add a more complex finish to floors of furniture. Amazona Colourwax is available in colour Lever, Blauwgrijs, All Black, Chocolade, Denim and Islandica.

All craft products are designed for protection and enhancement of your wooden furniture or floors, basis on natural wax.

Both waxes can be applied directly on unfinished or stained wood or over othes layers of wax. Please remove lacquer finish before applying. When directly working on wood, you can use  a good quality of fine steel wool.

A special brush may be used for a special finished, antique, aged look, so called shabby chic.

All Amazona products are easy to apply; gorgeous results have never been so simple and straightforward.

Contact us for more info: or call +31-35-62 37 250.


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